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Bring it On!

Bring it On!

Take a Break from Bridgerton and strike up a friendly competition of your own!

As we approach a full 365 days of being in some type of quarantine status, we can’t help but look back at all the discoveries we made. Who knew how many people loved to bake sourdough? What about the craze of trading peaches for cherries on Animal Crossing New Horizons? Or keeping track of how many times we could feasibly watch Bridgerton – or The Queen’s Gambit – in a row? Don’t worry, we’ll share our team’s version of our carefully choreographed Tik Tok dance from our collective basements with you later.

With all of the new things released to capture our collective attentions, our team all agrees that some of our favorite days were spent revisiting games outside the aura of a blue light. There’s just something incredible about grabbing a glass of wine, striking up a friendly competition with your pod, and spending an afternoon staring at something other than a screen. Find something new to challenge your brain below!

Puzzles and wine, a very good match.


Belote and Tarot
“I’ve always loved cards and board games, they have always been a big family time thing, either cold / rainy afternoons with tea and cake or in the evening after dinner and into the night. Belote and Tarot are über-traditional card games in France that are very multi-generational, and is a ritual when visiting friends and family.” –Alban, Winemaker

Pinochole and Chess
“I grew up in a family of eight and we played a LOT of pinochle and chess. Two weeks every summer we traveled together in a renovated school bus that fit us all – needless to say there, there was always a tournament or game going on during our adventures together.” –John, Regional Sales Manager

“My partner and I wine down every night we can with a game and a glass of wine. We love the vintage version we have, and look forward to when we can invite friends over to join!” –Mélissa, Wine Club Manager

“Growing up Clue and Uno were always big family hits, and that is still the case today. Clue is a common post-dinner way to relax and transition to bedtime in our home. Our 7 year old son currently has more wines than any of us in the family!” –Heath, Viticulturist

“Dominoes rules all in my family, and has over the years been the base of some lively (and ongoing) battles and victories. To this day, the house is riddled with scrap papers showing scores of past games. I have inherited one of my grandfather’s cherished dominoes sets, and have taken on the tradition myself of making sure all of the friends and people I surround myself with know how to and expect to play whenever they find themselves at my home.” –Brian, Experience Associate

“My partner and I are AVID cribbage players. Though it is hard to find time to play as much as we used to with kiddos, when we do, they love to be involved – and tend to bring the intensity just a tiny bit down with them!” –Wendy, Accounting Manager