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Enjoy 20% Off Pomegranate, Inc.

At Pomegranate, everyone has a seat at the table! Inspired by the stunning hand block prints of India, our textiles and bespoke home accessories are intended to help you set a welcoming and thoughtful table.

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 Set, Sit, Sip, Relax. Set the table, pour the wine. The Pomegranate + Angela Vineyards collaboration is a series of hand block prints inspired by the Willamette Valley winery’s table wine labels. Named for Pomegranate founder and owner, Angela Beck, Angela Vineyards and Pomegranate share  a love for a welcoming table where folks can converse and relax in good company. The limited edition collection celebrates this gathering together of friends and family.


“Is there a better pairing than delicious wine and good company? Angela Vineyards and Pomegranate share the same vision of  a welcoming table where friends and family can break bread, converse and relax together.”

 – Angela Beck, owner and founder of Pomegranate, Inc.


Chardonnay Collection

Rosé of Pinot Noir Collection

Pinot Noir Collection